More Noob Adventures + Important Server updates!

2013-12-16 22:57:16 by Falconer02

I admit that I've been atrociously bad with adding new posts on NG! Unfortunately my office had added this dumb web filter which blocked practically every media-oriented site that may have offensive material. Ridiculous, right? Fortunately they finally unblocked a ton of things after several complaints. So...UPDATE TIME! First off, Part 19 has been released today! Make sure to check it out in the portal.Part 20 should be out next month too. Secondly, we've opened up a new server based upon creating Factions, raiding, PvP, and...Vampires? Yeah! We're currently trying to get a lot of custom things set up on this server like voting and kits, so after you deposit your experience points on NG, be sure to jump in and then add a comment here with your thoughts on it. 

611746_138725263592_oZRK9Pr.png IP: TNAPVP.BEASTNODE.NET Alt: Thirdly, our survival server has been updated to 1.7.2! This means we're creating a new world and will be slowly moving over to it. In February, we will be deleting the old and expanding the new world, so hop in around Xmas time and move your things. Currently only VIPs can access the world, so you guys got first dibs on plots. It will be made public around Xmas time, so drop on by!611746_138725263442_NN8ZuYH.png IP: MC.NOOBADVENTURES.BEASTNODE.NET Alt: I hope these are decent Xmas gifts for you all, so make sure you have a great holiday and new year! I'll make sure to update more often now that I can! Thanks for reading!


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2013-12-17 01:13:49

Minecraft is still useful


2013-12-24 03:27:27

Hmm, I will have to check out these servers at some time, if you find a guy with the name TDMD (This is trademarked people!) but feel free to use that name in the TNA series, its an abbreviation for The Dark Madness Dragon (This is also trademarked, don't use it unless i give it to you to use.)


2014-02-15 22:04:10

Minecraft was always useful.