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I'm just a secretive human being who creates animations about games, movies, animals, robots, astronauts, soldiers, and whatever else sounds like a decent idea.

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Falconer02's News

Posted by Falconer02 - September 30th, 2015


Enjoy! Final batch will be out in the near future!

Posted by Falconer02 - June 22nd, 2015

Because doing a whole scripted series requires a ton of time in front of a microphone, I went back and took out the funniest bloopers and takes we didn't end up using in the series. This is only from episodes 1-10, so there are more to come. Enjoy!

Posted by Falconer02 - March 7th, 2015


Episode 27 has been released as well which you can view here!

Posted by Falconer02 - October 26th, 2014

Aside from TNA Episode 25 coming out today, I made a retrospective video on an old game from the HL1 era. I wanted to get that nostalgic gaming feel mixed with some Halloween-seasoned fun with this one. It's very different from my usual stuff, so I hope you like it!

Posted by Falconer02 - August 11th, 2014

Check it out if you have a few minutes. I answer questions about the series, animation, trolls, star trek, and other junk! I can put NG questions in the next one, so if you have any q's, post them here.

If you haven't seen episode 24, watch it here--


Posted by Falconer02 - March 23rd, 2014












Be in the next episode of N00b Adventures! Join our building contest and win prizes! Contest ends March 28th at 11:59 pm, so have it done by then!

Official info and rules here- http://brainforceV.com


Have fun!

Posted by Falconer02 - December 16th, 2013

I admit that I've been atrociously bad with adding new posts on NG! Unfortunately my office had added this dumb web filter which blocked practically every media-oriented site that may have offensive material. Ridiculous, right? Fortunately they finally unblocked a ton of things after several complaints. So...UPDATE TIME! First off, Part 19 has been released today! Make sure to check it out in the portal.Part 20 should be out next month too. Secondly, we've opened up a new server based upon creating Factions, raiding, PvP, and...Vampires? Yeah! We're currently trying to get a lot of custom things set up on this server like voting and kits, so after you deposit your experience points on NG, be sure to jump in and then add a comment here with your thoughts on it. 

611746_138725263592_oZRK9Pr.png IP: TNAPVP.BEASTNODE.NET Alt: Thirdly, our survival server has been updated to 1.7.2! This means we're creating a new world and will be slowly moving over to it. In February, we will be deleting the old and expanding the new world, so hop in around Xmas time and move your things. Currently only VIPs can access the world, so you guys got first dibs on plots. It will be made public around Xmas time, so drop on by!611746_138725263442_NN8ZuYH.png IP: MC.NOOBADVENTURES.BEASTNODE.NET Alt: I hope these are decent Xmas gifts for you all, so make sure you have a great holiday and new year! I'll make sure to update more often now that I can! Thanks for reading!

Posted by Falconer02 - April 10th, 2012

As I work on more animations to the series, you can now check out the official MC:TNA server! I'm usually in there when I should be working, so hopefully you'll drop by and say hi!
IP is-


Posted by Falconer02 - August 18th, 2011

Soooo yes. I'm making a short Minecraft series instead of working on Circuit Skirmish at the moment. Why? I've realized that people value parodies a bit more and I'd rather do them for a bit to get more noticed around the innernets. Am I into doing them? Totally! Especially since I get to collaborate with a few of my friends. Will Circuit Skirmish still be done? YES. When? I DONT KNOW! I have a list of things to do before I finish up that one. I want it to be amazing good and that usually means spending a whole night getting 2-3 seconds of it done.

How's life? I got laid off from my job but I'm actually extremely glad to be out of that place. The place was just inefficient beyond belief and none of the higher-ups were doing anything about it until they were about to go bankrupt and finally started cutting corners. I guess you can't really put too much faith in a job where the boss comes in smelling like booze though, can ya? Lately I've had more time to animate as I search for a new job, so that's always beneficial.

That's about it though on this end. Hope everyone who reads this is doing fine and more MC animations will be on the way!


Posted by Falconer02 - February 23rd, 2011

I'm really surprised the Minecraft animation is doing so well, so thanks to all who watched and commented on it. What's up next on the agenda?

IRL- save money. Avoid another snowpocalypse. Maybe move out of Illinois because I'm beginning to realize how much this state sucks. Maybe go back to school. Got any idea? Any suggestions would be considered. I need some change.

Personal work- the picture below is all that needs to be stated. I finally got it storyboarded out and I have about 30 seconds of it. Still, it's going to take forever but I'm pushing for mid summer. If another good idea comes into play during this one, I'm definitely taking a break from Circuit Skirmish. But it'll be done. Eventually! I just gotta focus on it.