2014-10-26 22:06:09 by Falconer02

Aside from TNA Episode 25 coming out today, I made a retrospective video on an old game from the HL1 era. I wanted to get that nostalgic gaming feel mixed with some Halloween-seasoned fun with this one. It's very different from my usual stuff, so I hope you like it!


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2014-10-27 01:09:53

I fucking Love They Hunger and I played it for the first time last year, it still holds up!


2014-10-27 03:23:08

I remember this in demo cd for pc gamer mag. Amazing mod


2014-10-27 04:42:57

oh man now I'm totally in the mood for playing this on Sven Coop


2014-10-27 05:22:20

Hey there Falconer02, i just watched your retrospective video on They Hunger and i must say, Bravo sir. the amount of effort, research, and appreciation for this mod is incredible. i actually still have this mod installed on my PC. I was gonna continue playing it but i got stuck on one of the later levels and kinda threw in the towel Heh. But what i really enjoy out of this retrospective is the amount of effort you took on trying to find out what happened to They Hunger 2: Lost Souls. As i aswell have looked into what could of been such an epic of a game, the screenshots for it looked incredible, with mass amounts of detail and interesting locations and enemies. It was just great, i remember checking Black Widow Games' Site to see any progress of the mod but only to be saddened that production on the mod ceased, as the creator fell ill. I'm really glad that you took the extra lengths and actually emailed all the developers associated with the mod to find out what really happened to., Even if Robert Briscoe's response was short lived atleast he was a man and actually replied to your question. which is incredibly grateful of him considering how old the mod is to this day. Well we might not get a They Hunger sequel. But atleast we can enjoy the past with what we have now ;). I hope you do more retrospectives of these kind, they are very interesting and i really enjoy your go at it. You kinda remind me of the Angry Video Game Nerd and his fascinating voice :P always louring in viewer's with
astounding videos.

Awesome job man


2014-10-27 15:50:14

check it out now